The Etheric Akasha

The etheric body akasha maintains vitality, life force, and health. On this level, akasha is nurturing and flowing like water; it is balancing and circulating like air; it is metabolizing and sustaining heat like fire; and it is solid and enduring like earth. It is all of these at once.
The astral refers to our ability to respond, to appreciate, and to feel fully alive. The astral animates things. It has great sensitivity and empathic receptivity.
Akasha here is the ability to take a feeling and make it positive or negative, strong or weak. It can take one emotion and change it into its opposite or back again. Akasha has this power of command over dreams, desires, and feelings.
Akasha sees the desire and the outcome, the intention and the result of that intention. It is the ability to feel alive, to live life to its fullest in every moment of time—this ability is within us should we but seek it and claim it as our own. It is found at the edge of our five senses and in the feelings that flow through us in every moment.
If you have a good conscience, if akasha is active within you on the mental plane, you will notice when something is missing, when things do not feel right. And then you will add or invent something new to bring about balance and progress. Akasha insures the balance of the four elements on the lower planes.
The future is imagination. In a nutshell, akasha asks, What are your innermost dreams? What do you envision that would make life complete? Let us then put in place whatever is required so that what you seek can happen. The task of akasha is to make the world new.
In summary, akasha reveals the purpose you seek to fulfill. On the mental plane, one then asks, What is your plan of action for pursuing this purpose? On the astral plane, the question becomes, What kind of sensitivity or emotional involvement will you need to persevere in this endeavor and bring it to life?
And for the physical plane, the question is, What is the result you seek in specific and concrete terms and how will you stabilize this so it endures and continues to be of value through time? Each element has its own contribution to this process. Akasha oversees and intervenes when necessary to insure that everything keeps working.
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