What is the Akasha?

The akasha is like an etheric library of all of our past lives, we store our soul contracts that we fill out with the creator in the the many spiritual halls of the heavenly library. Since the beginning of creation and the fall of this planet from a 5th dimensional heavenly world to a 3rd dimensional physical world that introduced death and dying the akasha gave birth. The archangels and myself hold the keys and we are the keepers of this sacred knowledge. Our soul belongs to what is called a soul contract, this contract is made by our higher selves before incarnation, we decide what we will experience and do about the following;

  • Our parents and soul family
  • Our place of birth
  • Our lovers and soul mates
  • What we want to learn and experience (good and bad)
  • What we master
  • Who we help
  • Our race, sex, and even sexual orientation
  • How this life will fit in with the divine plan of the creator

Reincarnation is been placed as taboo by the high ranking religious figures who want to profit off of the fear of Hell , knowing very well that we are given many options and that hell is really just a form of consciousness that is made by attachments, fear, hate, anger and all lower chakra emotions. See we had 12 beaming chakra’s or energy centers before the fall and afterwards the 5 above our heads aka crown were deactivated. So what now? Now we are ascending spiritually and waking up the above 5 chakras that will connect us to our spirit,skills, past lives and even the creator! See nobody can really blame each other for what they are experiencing, this is because we chose to experience it before birth. There have been entities who do actively try to take us off our path to enlightenment and stop us from fulfilling our mission. But we must think of them as obstacles that can be overcome and moved out of the way so we can progress not regress. When I get into the akasha of others I go in without judgement for that very reason and all my readings are kept private unless I ask for permission to share. The akasha is a wonderful place of knowledge and wisdom where we can learn and grow from our past mistakes and become the truly enlightened being we were born to be!!! Our journey can lead us anywhere, we can chose to come back to Earth, or stay in the spirit world in the Heavens or we can even incarnate to other dimensions! The choice is yours and you have many options! The creator does not condemn with hell fire but like a loving parent he will punish just to teach us that what we are doing is not on the path of righteousness!  In conclusion the akasha can help you grow and it can show you why things are the way they are! 10615385_823106204375800_2467029540768561534_n

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