3 thoughts on “Dreams ✨✨✨

    1. No I’m not saying they are all unpleasant but I understand why you would think that. Most are messages or things that we would like to happen. Dreams are broad and can have hundreds of meanings 💜. I just deal with the karmic and healing aspects of them .

      1. When I was 13yrs old, my brother had suddenly left this life, he was 20yrs old at the time.
        He and I “were” so close in our “physical” life, he and I continue our closeness, I have many beautiful memories of us together in his “physical” form…HOWEVER I am so grateful for him to continue giving me such beautiful experiences which are not only when my eyes are closed…
        He comes to me whilst my eyes are closed, and so do many others who have left this life🥰…This is the most comforting feeling🥰…
        My “physical life” questions are always resolved, regarding the ones who have left this life…HOPE THAT MAKES SENSE TO YOU?
        One thing I wish to ask, ‘my closest ever pet dog’… who I strongly believe we were together in a past life… has not visited me whilst sleeping, I do wonder why he hasn’t?
        The main reason I wonder is due to our silent LOVE for each other, I never needed to be vocal…for example; when we would go for walks, I never used a leash, it was as though he could hear my thoughts without me needing to be vocal Re here, sit etc…He was so so FEARLESS, FRIENDLY to those he trusted, KEPT his distance to those he did not trust, he was there with me through times of darkness, I know if it was not for him I would have NOT seen certain behaviour from others…long long story?
        He was the one who LITERALLY taught me, we do not need to vocalise ANY of our feelings, they are felt from any distance🥰
        I really would be grateful why you think he has NOT been to visit me whilst my eyes are closed?

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