About Me

I am Mary of Bethany in the flesh, I have been doing past -life readings for centuries and am continuing to do so in this life. I have done over 1000 readings and decided to offer my services to the general public.

On a personal note I have a Bachelors Degree in Science in Journalism and a minor in English, I have also gotten an Associates Degree in Medical Assisting and Office Management. I am the proud mother of three beautiful girls and have been working on my divine mission since 2006.

My Awakening:

In 2006 I had my first vision of who I was, I then started to get more visions of my lives, of course it was not coming to me consciously but subconsciously at the time. I have found 14 of my own lives and recently started working on the lives of others. On my readings page you should find some of my work. I have found past life Kings, Queens, rulers, saints and people who you have read about but never expected to find. As for my awakening I work with a high level spiritual counsel that is working on ascension of the Earth and humanity.

I hope you enjoy my page and remember readings are done for a fee but satisfaction and healing is my number one priority right now.

Love and Light – Taelene (Mary) 

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