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All readings are final/non-refundable and if no lives are found there is no fee.  Card readings and counseling are pre-paid.

  • Akasha Readings- $50 for 2 to 3 lives, per reading
  • Angel Card, Goddess Guidance, Ascended Masters Readings- $25 per reading
  • Tarot Card Love Readings- $33 per reading
  • Spiritual counseling – $100 an hour

Referrals to Astrological Charts, Kundalini Specialist, Energy Healers are available as per the individuals fee and time frame.


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10 thoughts on “Get a Reading

    1. No sorry I never do them in person only via email so I can take my time and do them in depth, if you are still interested email me your names , birth dates and recent photos to I will then do them next Wednesday and notify you when I’m done , payment is $45 via PayPal. Thanks a lot 😀

  1. Your Twin Ray reading confirmed something I have thought was true the knowledge coming slowly. I’ve kinda known this but always thought how. I’m hesitant to tell you what it’s about because I think you will not take me seriously thinking I’m crazy . But if you are available without I think you need this also for your growth. I don’t know I think you will though as you are ascended above me I am sure. 😊 I’m receiving very very strong messages and I know it to be true how mine is the celesstial being the rare one. Confirmed 3 times. And one love very big deal as he was universal and said this. I’m overwhelmed by messages he left in music. But me? How I’m the lowest but I remembered the last shall be first one day just like Magdalene I guess. who I believe to be very close to me. I feel this overwhelmed connection I’m so in tune. im ascending finally. I’ve met 3 of the instructors and wow!!! They even told me my twin Ray was famous. He’s here with me finally so strong it’s amazing. confirmed my twin Ray but I knew just need confirmed by someone else I know but I still get blinded by the chances of this. I have better chance winning lottery every week!! Me ????Please help me. How ? could bcould possible but I knew at 12. I’m 36 now. I believe we are soul family. Blessings to you and love my sister.

  2. Hi, I would like to learn of any of my past lives, soul mates, and other things. I am not sure which service to call it though since I have questions on a hereditary ability (1 generation as far as we know) that I have some of. So I am not sure if it would be a spiritual or akasha reading.

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