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A Dynasty in The Ending

At one time we were it we were the royalty of the British nation, the heart and soul of the land. As Queen Victoria I reigned quite proudly, with my 9 children at my side we had it all. Luckily God has blessed me enough to reunite with them in this life. In 2013 Albert came into my life, from a distance in his new life as a holistic healer in Karachi Pakistan he was once again  powerful and amazing! From the moment I saw him I knew it was him. Not just because of my akasha vision, because of what my heart felt. I saw him coming you could say and it was intense. Since then we have parted but I have met our daughter Princess Victoria, Beatrice, Alice and the rest of my children. Helena was my first born in this life and I treasure her as what remains of the love between Albert and I . John Brown came to me briefly also which was quite an interesting turn in events but it was confirmation of who I was. The meetings with past life relatives, friends is a major confirmation for anyone who is wondering if they were this or that. I wanted to write this article as Victoria to show my love for all my faithful followers and the United Nation. You will always be in my heart. I want to someday go back to Kensington Palace who knows, I may turn up some hidden secrets! Much love to you today and always.